Architectural drawing

Duration 20-30 work days

Cost from $20 m² (min. $1000)

  • Master plan concept
  • Floor plans
  • Cross sections
  • Conceptual visualizations
  • Facades
Architectural plan

Duration 30-40 work days

Cost $10/ m2

  • Master plan
  • Floor plans
  • Site plan
  • Roof plans 
  • Cross sections
  • Facades
  • Visualizations
  • Specifications 
  • Building informational modeling


Have you ever felt the point of presence, when everything seems just right? When a dress or a suit were sewed just for you? When a tourist sight or nature’s corner a hundred miles away from home was waiting just for you to fill you up with the beauty? When the dish in a cafe or a regular cake was made to please your taste buds?

You can relive this delightful feeling every day. All there is to do is to order a turnkey construction with individual interior design planning. In such home, every detail will be a continuation of the owner’s habits for them to feel a maximum comfort and serenity, inspiration and freedom.  The home with every detail well thought-out. The home that takes care of you. It seems that such feelings inside emerge from nowhere, but in reality, a very long job stands behind them.

Site selection, architectural projects, visualization, construction work, landscape decoration. To ensure that everyone experiences the unique sensations of beauty while beholding a seemingly regular house, dozens of people work together. We in KMDesign know how to manage the orchestra of this collaboration so that every customer gets a house of their dream.

Turnkey  House Construction

Before the construction work begins, it is necessary to make solid measurements. This is what the KM Design people do together with the customer to make the first step in creating an ideal home. First, select the best site together. Then we create a task for designing, taking into account the peculiarities of the chosen location.

Then the architectural planning begins. The customer tells about their preferences and plans for the future, sets priorities. The designers take careful notes: is there a need to construct a gym in the house or to make a better arrangement in the office? Do you need a nursery or a better arrangement of the space for the parties? Sometimes, in the process of architectural planning, the customers begin to see their future more clearly and even shape the direction of further movement.

At the next stage, our professionals start developing the project plan, set the construction of the building, the type of foundation, appearance, layout, placement on the land, and fix the finishing work. At this stage, dreams already exist not only in thoughts and words; now, they are drawn by professionals. An architectural design plan is also required to obtain a building permit and a passport for the registration of building after the completion of the construction.

In KMDesignmi we do:

• single-story house plans;

• one and a half story house plans;

• two-story house plans;

• cottage plans;

• plans of houses with a terrace;

• plans of houses with attic;

• plans for houses with a garage.

Architecture design planning is done, what’s next?

Project documentation will simplify getting a building passport, but it won’t help you get rid of the issues connected with the object implementation. If you sign an agreement with an organization that provides a turnkey construction, you’ll manage to avoid such trouble.

Based on the passport, our professionals develop the cost estimate, the constructing part of the project, the interior design. Then,  the total project implementation begins alongside with the layout of the foundation and the implementation of communications.

In KMDesign, you can buy a home project, or you can entrust the house to a turnkey construction. In what cases is the second option is better?

  • You are not a professional house-builder, so you won’t be able to control the work of the construction team. We’ll ensure the quality implementation of every slightest detail.

  • You don’t know where to choose building materials so that they would be durable and a high-quality. We know these magical places. We can tell about them absolutely for free while creating the project documentation. Or we can go there and pick everything for you.

  • You don’t have time to control the construction process but you have a desire to live in your dream house.

Having ordered a turnkey construction from us, all you need to do is just wait. We take on a full interior and landscape decoration. And you are celebrating the housewarming and start a new life.

Your dream - our implementation:)

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