How to use white color in interior design?

How to use white color in interior design?

Each of our interior design is individual, but there is a peculiarity that unites them – light and often even a white color gamma. At least one of the colors is white, of course, in case if customers do not want the other color.


         The white color prevails in our interior design because it performs many functions: expands the room, adds the lightness, makes the image of the room more coherent, elegant and easily combines with many colors and shades.


         How to combine a white color in the interior design?

         • The first thing I would like to pay attention that the cheap colorings can not be used. In case if the paint is cheap, the compound can not guarantee an ideal white color. The cheap paints usually have a blue or green hue. Only high-quality paints can guarantee  a really white color.

         • It would be too easy to use ordinary white for designers, so we often choose “off-white”. “Off-white” is not only white, but its more complex derivatives. Firstly we need to choose a basic shade of white color, for example, milled milk or ecru in order to create a stylish and up-to-date interior off-white. Then we add some part of pink on one wall and one is lemon-blue on the other wall. As a result we get not “boring white”, but the hidden white effect: the color accents will show differently depending on the lighting. Your home will look stylish and will not have the effect of “cold white walls”.

         • How does a white color work? You already know that we choose a white color for the visual expansion of the room. But will it work in case if the room is dark and there are no big windows in it? white color allow light to bounce from surface to surface with low energy losses, so this color is preferable in dark rooms with not enough daylight.

         The perception of a white painted surface greatly depends on the lighting of the room. The classic white color requires the large windows, which is equal to the good lighting. The color of the tone depends not only on the size of the windows, but also on their location, shape and height. So before making a light design you need to take into account the following points: the size and location of the windows, the floor of your apartment, the darkening the room with the trees, etc. In case if everything is on your side – then you may courageously choose the bright color gamma of your home!

         So your read all of mentioned the above items and decided to do a bright interior design. Now let’s understand how and with what it can be combined. Shortly speaking, almost every color can be combined with a white color. You can see that the white color is combined with pastel shades of grey, beige-brown and dark-blue shades on the photo of our interior design of the living-room. The combination is very concise and stylish, and although we chose different shades of a white color the room looks pretty bright and spacious.



         Another examples of a light interior design are combined with the elements of decor and furniture, with which a vivid accent was made. It would seem that the children’s room should be bright, how is it possible to make it more interesting with the help a white color? It is very easy! The following photo represents the interior design of a light children’s room, but it does not look boring with the help of the accents in the form of bright furniture, drawings on the walls and decor! The room is bright and at the same time light, and the whole color gamma perfectly sets the mood.



         In case if white shades will prevail in your room, but you still want colored accents, then you can focus on the lighting. The white color and all its original shades are a great background for the experiments with lighting. If we pick up the right color gamma of lighting, we can create a calm and bright design in the afternoon and completely different in the evening, when the light shifts all accents.

         When we choose a color gamma, the following rules should also be taken into account:

         1) “Golden rule” or the rule of “three colors”: 60% of the dominant color, 30% – minor color; 10% – accent color.

         2) It is necessary to balance the warm and cold tones, because the harmonious interior always combines warm and cold colors.

         3) You should pay attention to the tones and the halftones of the main colors in order to make the palette of the interior good.

         4) It is important to understand that each color has its own “weight”: soft coated shades and drawings that will not overload the design will make the room spacious and free due to the fact that they have a small visual weight. It’s really cool, when you can expand a small room visually or change a certain color and get a completely new interior design of the room only with the help of a combination of colors.



         The bathroom in small apartments usually has no windows and we want to make the room as bright as possible. We can visually increase the room with the help of the white color, but you should not abuse it because a clean white bathroom will look very simple and boring. If you combine a white sink, a bathtub and a floor with bright walls, mirrors or glass hinges, we can make the bathroom sophisticated and elegant. In case if you are not a supporter of such colors, you can combine the shades of a white color so that the room will look multifaceted, although only a different tone and shades of white color are used. In case if you treat the texture and decorate one of the walls in the bathroom with a mosaic or marble, add the correct lighting, then it will be visually larger and more elegant.



         Of course, in addition to all of the mentioned above criteria it is necessary to take into account the way of life of the inhabitants, their individual perception of colors, the purpose of the rooms, in which we plan to do an interior. Besides, it’s important to know that the light tone of the room can easily emphasize all repair defects, so special attention should be paid to avoiding such imperfections as uneven walls, floors, incorrectly placed accents or the failure of a combination of colors or textures.


         If you follow the white balance, navigate to the right and proportional combination of colors and tones, your home will always look relevant, stylish and harmonious.


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