What is the difference between $1000 couch and $8000 one

What is the difference between $1000 couch and $8000 one

Recently, I had to ride in the rented cars a lot, and not only because Ford manufactures the tins on the wheels. When you are on a working trip and planning to save - book in advance an unpopular economic model with a sitting stool from the cheap cafe instead of a car seat - you get a bunch of problems: the insurance is not taken into account, the mileage has a limit, the car in a terrible condition.

But when you're on vacation, you allocate a budget on something expensive and impractical; however, the manufacturer of that miracle is not afraid to call it "premium". Then, everything is at the highest level: you are taken from the hotel to the office, where you put a few signatures, leave a monthly salary, and ride in the pretty car in your pleasure. And by the end of the rent, you can throw it off the cliff, the insurance covers it anyway (a joke, of course, but it does cover that, I read the contract). It turns out that by saving, you are causing yourself a bunch of problems, and by paying the full cost, you get a full range of services. Don't you?

For example, you decide that the couch is only to be looked at, not to be used as intended, and you go to buy a leather sofa.


What to pay attention to. Whereas the Chinese are forging even their own products - the object design does not matter. Therefore, there are approximately 499 999 999 500 + - a dozen identical models in the price range from $500 to $500 billion. First, you need to throw away everything made of the substitute, because after all, it should have been made of leather, not of the processed oil.

Now, the prices start at $2000 for the simplest option. Further, the filler - if it's a three-layer one - a perfect variant for sitting (with the medium value for admiring), and not the usual foam, then we go for $3000. Not a single good-looking sofa will have a folding mechanism - a folding sofa is mainly something that scares children until maturity, and causes the elderly people to feel the pain in their bones solely by its appearance. There, we went out at $3600 already.

Yet I haven’t started talking about even stitching, the 10 variants of leather tanning, and beautiful sofa legs, not the wooden stumps that go in the basic models. It turns out that a monster-sofa with cupboards, backlitter, unfolding mechanism, where everything crunches, creaks, sticks to the body, and stops working after 22 minutes after the movers leave, is a waste of money, whereas a sofa for $6-8 thousand is a work of art, and the attitude toward it corresponds to the emotions and feelings that you get in the process of exploitation. For those who are particularly skeptical, there is another argument - the loss of value. A branded thing, with a pleasant look, is always easier to sell than God-knows-what, because, obviously, nobody knows what it is.


The very similar situation with light fixtures, plumbing, electro-fitting, doors, other furniture: all the cheap stuff peels off, fades, deforms, gets dull, changes color, scratches, and just scattered to the ashes. And the expensive one -well, it's unreasonably expensive, only good for the oligarchs. Or is it?

Now there’s going to be a bit of a  boring stuff, so pour yourself a cup of something strong (I'm mean coffee). After analyzing the estimates of the implemented objects and customer feedbacks - everything is super-subjective (of course, we do not take into account all the feedbacks that are unfavorable for us), we came to the conclusion that the first thing on which you can’t save is intellectual work. If everything is thought out poorly, and a good thinking for a bad pay is mauvais ton, then even the most experienced contractor won’t be able to save the object.

We have a special rule for such cases - we do not take up such projects. Making a discount is completely different - not to be confused with "but I’ve heard that others charge less." Next is the foundation - foundation, walls, roof, windows, engineering communications, and equipment. Recall Mr. Nif-Nif and his equally famous relatives.

Next, there are the things that would better not be saved on: the mixers, sanitary ware and everything connected with it, sources of lighting (not to be confused with light fixtures), door fittings (yes,  the best door manufacturer can lose credibility by using cheap fittings), kitchen furniture, fittings and countertops, kitchen utensils and tableware, also possibly the tiles and parquet; though, here it depends on the purpose of the room, the operational loads, and the meticulousness of the owner. But no such things as paint for walls which you can repaint, or floor covering, which you can also redo knowing a few hacks that we use. For example, make a deformation seam under the plinth of built-in furniture so that the covering could be re-done without moving the furniture itself. As to the switches and sockets - they can be replaced even by a monkey; lamps - children will break them; furniture that is not built-in, well, Signal constantly manufactures some kind of trash with 2 years half-life period.

Oh, right, I forgot about the most important thing, for the sake of which everything gets started - TV, sound system, vacuum cleaner, and blender - they become outdated the moment they first get on the Foxtrot store shelves. Therefore, I prefer to recommend the premium series of the past years to be purchased - this way, it has a proper quality and adequate price, because up to 90% of the cost of modern technology is the reviews and unboxings on Youtube. Decor, carpets, vases and the rest of things without an intended purpose are purchased necessarily and they remain in the interior forever, that is, until the time when the designer and the photographer are gone. The most important thing is to keep the receipt.


Ще до початку проектування: ми не беремося за розробку чи реалізацію, якщо ідея клієнта не витримує нашої критики, або просто нам не подобається

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